There are only two more specimens to collect after this one - my Leaf Collection journey is almost over.  As I bring it to a close, I'm breaking out of the traces a bit.  I collected this specimen in a nursery.  I did buy the plant and I will plant it in my yard, but this specimen is not "free range".  I also amended the scanned Lumen Print with a bit of a free hand.  The paper I used produces lovely colors, but it exposes really quickly.  The plant specimen needs a certain amount of contact with the paper for any detail to develop, so a careful tradeoff is required.  I exposed this one in mixed shade, trying to slow it down.  Despite my efforts, the print came out of the frame very dark - dramatic purple and pink colors, but not what I wanted.  I brightened the image by a full stop and enhanced the color contrast.  The argument could be made that the result no longer strictly qualifies as a Lumen Print.  I can live with that.


After bringing my new plant home from the nursery, I've discovered that it might be at the edge of its range here, and would most likely be happier a bit to the south.  On top of that, it is considered a short-lived plant even in the best of conditions.  I can live with that.  I found it growing here in 1968, so I give myself an even chance at success.  And if I get a few seasons of its beautiful blooms, I'll feel more than compensated for my purchase.