While I have spent my professional career working as a computer scientist, I have always needed a creative outlet of some sort.  My youngest daughter introduced me to a digital camera in 2007 and all my other creative pursuits immediately took a back seat to photography.  As I've grown older, and perhaps wiser, I have acknowledged my artistic self more and more, placing my identity as an artist on a more equal footing with my identity as an engineer.

In 2016 a dear friend and mentor introduced me to alternative photographic processes.  My world exploded.  Alternative photography has opened up a universe of discovery, infinite in its capacity to challenge and delight, and that satisfies some deep part of my being - where the mad scientist and the artist dance in alchemical mystery.  I am currently working on projects involving wet, long exposure cyanotypes, and lumen printing.  I have begun to experiment with gum bichromate and ferric gum processes and hope to have work in those areas to share soon.

This past summer I developed my first roll of black and white film, and there is no telling where that might eventually lead me.  I picked up an old Flexeret medium format camera on eBay and I'm getting to know it as I continue to learn more about film and the traditional darkroom.  A friend of mine said to me that I was going backwards in photography, and I am.  Going backwards to connect to all the pioneers that laid the path to our present.

I strive to use my work as a means of slowing down and truly seeing the world around me. I hope to express the extraordinary in the ordinary, to evoke an emotional connection to time and place, and to honor the search for simplicity and authenticity in life.  At its core, my work is rooted in celebration and joy, celebration of the world around me and my joy in the simple act of making.  I offer it to you in the same spirit.

I'd love to hear from you.  Just use the form below to give me a shout.

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